Step 2: Commercialization

Product Design & Development

Step 2: Commercialization
Led by The INNOVA Commercialization Group

In Step Two – the Commercialization phase – a startup’s status is assessed in terms of management capacity, company formation, professional needs, and product design/development. The business strategy will be developed with recommendations on how best to move forward.
Entrepreneurs entering the commercialization phase will have access to three buckets of services: mentorship, professional service, and technical assistance.

  • The program’s Mentor Network provides entrepreneurs with experience-based mentorship and support from seasoned business executives from across the state and nation.
  • Early-stage entrepreneurs also have access to a diversified professional services network of nearly 20 legal firms, accounting and financial companies, technology review specialists, sales and market forecasters, and others to assist with patenting or other specific tasks. Startups will have access to grant funding to help offset costs where needed.
  • A statewide and national network is available to entrepreneurs who have need for specialized technical assistance. Design, proto-type and beta testing contract firms and entities are available to assist early-stage entrepreneurs from concept through final product development.

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