Step 2: Technical Assistance

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Step 2: Technical Assistance

In Step Two – Technical Assistance – Everyone needs assistance and coaching. We have the ability to connect you with resources that can move your company to the next level. We also offer free resources! We provide assistance to WV Capital Access Program Applicants with these three buckets of services: Legal Services, Accounting Services, & Financial Advisory Services.


  • Legal Services

    · Assisting with business formation or adopting corporate governance documents.

    · Obtaining needed registrations, licenses, filings, and certifications.

    · Advising on or preparing documents for the business to enter into contracts.

    · Legal services related to the business obtaining capital from investors, such as the development of financial instruments, investment term sheets, purchase agreements, and shareholder rights agreements.

    · Legal services related to a transfer of ownership interests in a business, in the case of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).


  • Accounting Services

    · Preparing audits, financial statements, or business records.

    · Digitizing financial records.

    · Advisory services or training regarding accounting practices, recordkeeping, or accounting software.


  • Financial Advisory Services

    · Assisting with the establishment of banking relationships or other financial services.

    · Assisting with applications for government small business programs, including preparing financial analyses.

    · Identifying sources of credit, capital, grants, and other financings.

    · Advising on factors that may impede access to financing for the business.

    · Advising on financial management.

    · Developing presentations to potential investors, financial models, and business plans.


To learn more, contact the West Virginia Capital Access Program at [email protected].

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