Application for Services


Learning without application is a form of intellectual collecting. Consider these reflection questions to help you connect dots and consider how best to apply your learnings to your new or early-stage venture.

  1. How can I be sure that the problem I seek to solve is meaningful enough from a business standpoint that I should pursue a solution?
  2. What value have I created, and who determines value as it relates to my product or service?
  3. How might I leverage primary and secondary research methods to validate key assumptions within my venture?
  4. How might I leverage empathy in the entrepreneurial development process for my venture?
  5. What are the core elements of my business model and how can a canvas aid in the process of ongoing business modeling for my venture?


As part of the process, you will need to apply for Services and complete a Hold Harmless Agreement. Each will need to be completed and the Hold Harmless Agreement will need to be signed and notarized with the original returned to INNOVA.


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