As entrepreneurs, we often make ambitious New Year’s resolutions to take our businesses to the next level. While this drive and determination are essential for success, it’s important not to let our hobbies fall by the wayside in the process. In fact, embracing our hobbies can actually increase productivity and spark creativity in our entrepreneurial pursuits. 


In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to balance work and play, and how 3 Steps to Startup can help you become a successful entrepreneur in the new year. We will explain how the power of utilizing your hobbies can help you achieve your professional goals…


5 Ways to Balance Work and Play

For passionate entrepreneurs, finding a work-life balance can be a challenge. You likely started a business because you have a passion that fuels your drive and determination. But sometimes this passion can also infringe on your personal life. And, when you love what you do, you may not necessarily feel like you want or need to take time off. But, to avoid entrepreneurial burnout (or burning bridges with family members and friends) it’s important that you do! Research proves that work-life balance is the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face, so here are a few ways to do more of that, and to use your hobbies and skills outside of the walls of your business to grow professionally this year! 

Here are 6 ways entrepreneurs can balance work and play…

  1. Set Boundaries. Technology connects you to your business 24/7, making it easy for it to invade your personal space. Set boundaries and let your employees know when and how they can reach you in case of emergencies. Then, unplug!
  2. Know when to say “no.” It’s tempting to say yes to every client or opportunity when you are running your own business. But saying no is vital for keeping a work-life balance and to avoid feeling overloaded or unable to follow through with promises. Remember to under-promise and over-deliver to build your brand, credibility and professional relationships.
  3. Stay organized. Creating a system that keeps you and your tasks organized will help keep you on track. Find a tool or online app to keep your tasks, work-to-dos, meetings, etc. organized and in one place. Some like paper calendars, others like everything online. Do what works for you!
  4. Take vacations. Don’t just leave the state or “take a vacation,” actually unplug from your work duties and don’t work while you’re away. One of the biggest perks of owning a business is that you have more freedom, so get out of the office and reconnect with your family. Embrace your hobbies and fun recreational activities for a few days while entrusting your staff to run the rest. 
  5. Make time for you. Schedule healthy activities like exercise or doctor’s visits. Make sleeping and eating balanced meals a priority. You can’t serve others if you’re ignoring your own health. Take care of your mental and physical health!
  6. Embrace your hobbies. Hobbies have the potential to enhance entrepreneurial efforts in surprising ways. When we immerse ourselves in activities we enjoy, we develop new skills, perspectives, and insights that can directly benefit our businesses. For example, a hobby like photography can teach us about the importance of attention to detail and visual aesthetics, which can translate into creating stunning marketing materials. Or, a hobby like gardening can teach us about patience, nurturing, and growth, which can be applied to building and scaling a successful business. By exploring our hobbies, we can uncover valuable lessons and apply them to our entrepreneurial journey.

Making Your Hobbies Part of Your Entrepreneurial Resolutions

When setting your entrepreneurial resolutions for the new year, don’t forget to include your hobbies! Making your hobbies part of your entrepreneurial resolutions can help you find joy, relaxation, and inspiration amidst the challenges of running a business. Did you know that 20% of your time each day should be allocated to hobbies? Whether it’s dedicating specific time for your hobbies each week or finding creative ways to incorporate them into your work, prioritizing your hobbies will ensure that you maintain a healthy work-life balance and tap into a wellspring of creativity.

Using 3 Steps to Startup to Harness Your Hobbies

Looking to turn your hobbies or ideas into a thriving business? Look no further than our program at 3 Steps to Startup. This program is designed to guide you through the process of starting your own business while helping you leverage your hobbies for maximum success. 

With 3 Steps to Startup, you’ll learn how to identify the market for your hobby, develop a business plan, and implement effective marketing strategies. In the beginning, you will have access to Online Master Classes in key entrepreneurial subject areas to help you acquire the know-how to make your dream a reality. Training topics range from corporate structure, intellectual property, branding, marketing, and sales strategies, how to pitch to investors, and more.

You’ll discover teaming partners and connect with those who can help every step of the way with technical assistance including legal services, accounting services and financial advisory services. You will also be directed to those who can help with funding along your path to entrepreneurship as well. 

Discover our 3 Steps to Startup Program today!

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