Part of our mission at 3 Steps to Startup is to let the talents and innovation of West Virginians shine. We have real local pride in the businesses we help thrive, and as we celebrate the fourth of July this month, we naturally feel extra patriotic. To put that patriotism on full display this blog is all about celebrating some homegrown West Virginia businesses that 3 Steps to Startup is honored to have worked with.  

Greenbrier Technical Services:   

Greenbrier is a tech company founded on serving the restaurant, banking, and mining industries. They manufacture circuit boards and other parts in addition to repairing circuit boards and modules in addition to sourcing parts they don’t manufacture.  

GTS is a consumer-driven company that takes pride in its customer service commitment. The industries that rely on GTS are industries that need solutions quickly, and GTS has historically provided those solutions successfully. This dedication is perfectly illustrated by a customer quote: “You guys do a fantastic job, are super friendly, and an overall joy to do business with. We thank you for providing our customers with such a valuable resource and making us, the technicians, look like heroes.” 

Greenbrier Technical Services is a valuable asset of West Virginia and we are proud to be able to show them recognition as a homegrown success in our state. 

Go Jane Go:  

Go Jane Go is headquartered in Morgantown, WV, and acts as a leader in business travel for women. The self-described “private, secure global community of women business travelers” helps women “extract high value” from business travel by connecting women to share their experiences and tips.  

Go Jane Go was founded by sisters who discovered that women have unique needs when it comes to business travel, and thought – who better to guide women with their needs in mind? Other women, of course. The company developed an app to share advice and even connect travelers in real-time. Their website describes the opportunity their app affords to women travelers as follows: 

“Ever wonder if there is a fellow female business traveler in your hotel or airport lounge that could join you for a glass of wine, or maybe another woman with whom you could network? Ever wish you could ask a few thousand women for quick advice on a new market approach or a business travel tip? Ever wish you could ask an executive woman the question you can’t ask your male executives?” Go Jane Go took these what-ifs and made them a reality for countless women business travelers.  

Go Jane Go’s success is a testament to the value that entrepreneurs facing diverse needs bring to the table. At 3 Steps to Startup, we have seen firsthand what homegrown experiences can lend to West Virginia’s business landscape. 

Appalachian Botanical Company:  

Appalachian Botanical Company is in Foster, West Virginia with a homegrown mission: literally. The company’s “mission of hope” is “growing opportunity in the Mountain State.” They grow lavender on reclaimed coal mine property in Mingo and Boone county, and they’re soon expanding into Fayette. As they grow the lavender, they also aim to grow the local economy, offering “second-chance employment” to locals.  

Appalachian Botanical Company calls its business model a “triple bottom line” model – they co-prioritize people, profit, and the planet equally. They employ those with limited opportunities for well-paying jobs and hire workers as long as they pass a drug test and are 18 or older. In addition to a paycheck, ABC supports workers with their transportation, meal, and clothing needs.  

Appalachian Botanical’s model targets “the conscious consumer” that will pay for a high-quality product, and ABC delivers on that quality while turning a profit. Utilizing reclaimed mining land is mutually beneficial for both coal mine operators who want the land declared “reclaimed” as soon as possible, and for ABC, who can grow lavender in the rocky soil you typically find on an old mine site.  

The thoughtful innovation of Appalachian Botanical Company is appreciated by shoppers at dozens of West Virginia retail locations and in four other states. This enterprise is exactly what we strive for at 3 Steps to Startup. We are proud to recognize ABC as a successful homegrown business in West Virginia. 

Do you see a glimpse of your future in these businesses’ success stories? 3 Steps to Startup is only a click away! We want to elevate all West Virginia innovators with our work here at 3 Steps to Startup. If you have an idea, share it and show the world how special West Virginia and our innovators can be. Contact us today! We can help you take your homegrown innovation and nurture your business into something that benefits us all.

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