February is typically a month that people start to think about how they’ll show others they care. We think that February should inspire you to show yourself some care as well! Entrepreneurs can seem super-human, but they are no exception when it comes to needing self-care. Small business owners report working twice as much as regular employees. The number of hours entrepreneurs work is not the only reason they might need to treat themselves every once in a while. If you need more convincing, here’s a list of more reasons entrepreneurs need self-care: 

  • They are under immense stress, one source being the uncertainty that accompanies owning your business. Entrepreneurship is non-linear. Businesses go through cycles of lows and highs, especially at the startup phase. Unpredictability can be crippling.  
  • For the smallest businesses, entrepreneurs may end up doing what can feel like everything, and they must be available at all times. Sometimes entrepreneurs do it all because they do not have a staff to get the work done. Other entrepreneurs fall into the trap of feeling as if they are the most capable person to complete a certain task, or they may particularly enjoy a task when another employee is perfectly capable of doing it.  
  • Entrepreneurs feel pressure to take very little vacation time. Business culture can be hyperfocused on “the grind.” Time not spent growing your business is considered time wasted. Letting your business consume you is a sure way to burn out. 
  • Many entrepreneurs experience self-doubt. As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult not to take failures personally, even if they are small. Self-doubt can be taxing on a business owner. 

There are countless other reasons that entrepreneurs deserve some premium self-care. If you are an entrepreneur and can relate to the struggles discussed above, try some of these self-care methods to keep you motivated and productive, but most of all, happy! 

Plan a vacation. Upon your return, be sure to resist trying to make up for the time you were away.  

According to Inc.com, an entrepreneur should take a minimum of four weeks of vacation annually. One common mistake entrepreneurs make when returning from a break is to hit the ground running. It may sound like a great way to be productive, but it is not helpful to overdo it and set yourself up for burnout.   

Unplug every once in a while.  

Taking a break away from work is not exactly “away from work” if you’re consistently accessible on your cell phone or computer. Commit to taking a real break and turn off your notifications for some time. Despite your fears, your business will likely still be up and running when it’s time to dial back in.  

Practice Positive Affirmations. 

As an entrepreneur, you’re pretty fantastic. You’re bold, you’re smart, and you’re generous. Give yourself the credit you deserve. Practicing positive affirmations is a way to speak your strengths into truth. By reciting affirmations, you “reinforce the success you want to create in your life.” A few examples of positive affirmations for entrepreneurs are: 

  • “I have a successful business with great people in my team.” 
  • “I am an inspiring leader” 
  • “My work adds value to my world.” 


Self-care is all about creating balance. Making “me time” with vacations and unplugging periodically is a promising start to creating that balance. Kick it up a notch by committing to more frequent “me time” with regular exercise. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of exercise a week for adults. Exercise reduces stress and makes you feel good both in the moment and long term. Exercise also has brain benefits, with studies showing that regular exercise improves memory function.  


Entrepreneurs are already working long hours – it only makes sense to delegate simpler tasks to employees. Entrepreneurs should practice delegation for a few reasons: the obvious being that entrepreneurs need to spend their time doing the more important business-growing activities. Additionally, instilling responsibility in your employees leads to better office morale and mutual trust.  

Ask for help!  

3 Steps to Startup aims to support startups for the long haul. We understand the value of avoiding burnout for a business’s success. We have the resources to help you find what help you need to be the best entrepreneur possible and sustain your business’s progress over time. We have a network of consultants and business coaches at the ready, and we are eager to help you work through how to start your business and make it successful long-term. 

If you think your business would benefit if you could connect with a business coach, connect with us! We are here to support you in your quest for entrepreneurial success!

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