3 Steps Year in Review

It was an eventful 2021 here at 3 Steps to Startup! What started as a year of hopefulness with some uncertainty has finished with even more optimism and an opportunity to reflect on West Virginia’s economic growth, including the formation of well over 12,000 new small businesses. At 3 Steps to Startup, we are proud to have played a part in furthering our state’s goals for economic growth.  

Throughout 2021, new entrepreneurs and veteran small business owners connected with us for help with their businesses. We have assisted them with information gathering, commercialization of ideas, and harvesting investment. 

We kicked off the year by hosting a 3 Steps to Startup Venture Fair in March. March’s virtual Venture Fair brought 30 regional and national small business experts to the table to interact and share ideas with entrepreneurs at all stages of business.  

We decided to round out our 2021 with another successful Venture Fair in November. With its focus on investment seeking, attendees gained valuable insights on how to go about funding ventures.  

Both venture fairs in 2021 featured pitch workshops, in which startups had the opportunity to pitch their ideas and business plans to seasoned investors (many of them veteran entrepreneurs as well!) for critique. They received vital advice, and other early-stage entrepreneurs got the opportunity to witness a pitch in action. Videos of all the action from both of these robust events can be found on our website.  

Throughout 2021, we added podcast episodes and to our online library, also available on our website! We added the episodes Entrepreneurial Ventures, Preparation is the Battle, Control is Forever, Lifestyle or Growth, and The Problem is the Problem.  

We started our Master Class series in July of last year, building our video library to feature four Master Class videos designed to guide new entrepreneurs as they gain the knowledge and preparation they need to start their first business. Startups now can access videos on, Solving Meaningful Problems, Building a Winning Startup Team, Finding, Keeping, and Developing the Right Customers, and Startup Funding Over Time and Across the Continuum. Stay tuned for our newest Master Class to drop on our website this month! 

We’ve been busy over the past year fostering valuable partnerships with other organizations, like West Virginia BusinessLink, utilizing those relationships to participate in other small business-forward events for West Virginia. Throughout 2021, the individuals and businesses we touched represent progress for West Virginia’s economy and its citizens with great ideas. Aside from the abstract, we have matched funding over $11,000,000 benefitting West Virginia startups! It’s been a huge year! 

At the start of a new year, it’s appropriate to reflect on the past year’s successes and opportunities to learn. It’s also time to resolve to make the next year another success. What are your resolutions for 2022? 

Is 2022 the year to start your business? Resolve to gain the knowledge you need to get your idea off the ground. 3 Steps to Startup can help! Visit our website: check out our Master Classes and Venture Fair videos for tips for new business owners. You can also reach out to us if you’d like to connect! 

Is your business fiscally fit? Answer this question with a resolution to make sure your business is fiscally sound. 3 Steps to Startup has the resources you can use to make this attainable! Contact us today for help keeping your West Virginia small business solvent through 2022.  

What are your business goals this year? Turn your goals into resolutions! Remember, setting high goals makes the possibilities endless for your business’s success in 2022. If you need help figuring out what is attainable, check out our website or connect with us.  

At 3 Steps to Startup, we resolve to bring the same easily-accessible quality content and events to West Virginia small business professionals. Keep an eye open for us to kick off our 2022 with a new Master Class for our series, and watch for our events as we make 2022 another great year for small businesses in West Virginia!


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