Introducing 3 Steps to Startup Master Class Series: Solving Meaningful Problems 

There is one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common: life-long learning. Successful entrepreneurs are open to constantly gaining new knowledge, and possess the drive to seek out that knowledge proactively. Great entrepreneurs are consistently learning about what topics interest and excite them, in addition to learning about things that seemingly challenge their currently-held beliefs and ideas. The constant drive to seek knowledge might not look like what many assume.  

Interestingly, many of today’s entrepreneurs do not carry one of society’s major markers of knowledge – a 4-year college degree. Highly successful folks like Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg come to mind. Examining these two powerhouses, we see firsthand that a college diploma isn’t essential to entrepreneurship, even if it can be helpful in some cases. However, the fact that entrepreneurs don’t need a college diploma certainly does not translate to the idea that successful entrepreneurs don’t need to continually learn.  

Successful entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need formal education like a college degree because they have the drive and desire to gain the knowledge that actually enables them to pursue their dreams. In fact, formal education can even be less efficient for an entrepreneur in some ways, requiring certain courses to be completed that might be completely irrelevant to a future undertaking.  

Some entrepreneurs might become impatient with gaining knowledge for the sake of gaining knowledge itself. Aytekin Tank of writes that, “Sheer knowledge alone is often powerless,” but that “we have to cultivate the habit of digging deep and immersing ourselves in new experiences.” The tricky part, however, is figuring out what knowledge we do need along the way. A college degree, while not necessary, can be helpful. No matter what, the startup process means constantly gaining knowledge from others and growing through experience. As a beginning entrepreneur, it can seem overwhelming to think about all you don’t know. Especially with access to the massive amount of information and opinions at our fingertips (hello, Google!), it’s a struggle to focus on what is essential to know, and what’s just nice to know.  

At 3 Steps to Startup, our goal is to provide critical assistance and structured guidance to starting entrepreneurs all the way from ideation to product launch and market entry. One of the ways we assist startup entrepreneurs is through handy podcasts and videos, which are a one-stop shop for easily digestible knowledge. We believe that beginning entrepreneurs want to learn everything they can about how to unlock success, so we deliver with our Master Class series. This series is designed to efficiently convey the information that we consider essential for beginning entrepreneurs. Our first Master Class is all about Solving Meaningful Problems.   

In Master Class 1: Solving Meaningful Problems, we discuss the concept of value – how it is defined, why it matters, and how to harness its power when you start a business. We tie that value to a problem… then to the solution to that problem. Solving Meaningful Problems explains that the flow from Problem to Revenue has several essential steps. First, there must be a pressing need or enough discomfort being caused by a problem for it to be one “worth solving.” Once this “problem worth solving” has been discovered, an entrepreneur must be completely dedicated to the problem – he/she must “fall in love” with the pursuit of a new or improved solution for that problem.  

Our Master Class describes the need for an entrepreneur to seek “empathy-driven discovery,” which means that the entrepreneur should be intimately aware of the problem and those people it affects in particular. The entrepreneur’s desire to find a solution for the problem must be driven by empathy for those experiencing the hardship caused by the problem. This empathy-driven discovery leads to a deeper understanding of the problem, which is what ultimately produces a valuable solution, which then creates revenue.   

If you are a beginning entrepreneur with a thirst for knowledge, be sure to check out the rest of our Solving Meaningful Problems Master Class. It’s never too early (or too late!) to start learning on your entrepreneurial journey.   

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