Effective July 1, 2021, a law will hit the books in West Virginia, making it possible for mixed waste processing and resource recovery facilities to be developed across the state. In turn, this could mean economic development across multiple sectors, with innovation in one area spurring innovation across the board. A development like this is encouraging for those pursuing any ventures. Not to mention the support of economic growth in general. Overall, it’s good to be aware of the ways our state is pressing forward. 

SB 368 is already on the radar of companies like BioHiTech. BioHiTech operates an advanced resource recovery facility via Entsorga in Martinsburg. “At our facility, municipal solid waste and various types of commercial and industrial wastes that would otherwise be landfilled are put to use as a sustainable fuel,” says Tony Fuller, who is BioHiTech Global’s CEO. The Martinsburg facility is the first to utilize HEBioT™ technology, which converts solid waste to fuel. 

What exactly does this bill mean for West Virginia’s energy industry in general? You can read the bill here. The bill states that mixed waste processing and resource recovery facilities will no longer have to pay solid waste fees, allowing them to invest in further development and growth. 

The law passed earlier this year, taking effect next month, makes other ventures looking to explore renewable energy more affordable. This is just another example of how West Virginia is fostering innovation and economic development for the 21st century. Having the ability to take this technology across the state and enter the market with an expense eliminated, West Virginia entrepreneurs might have more opportunities than ever. Mitch Carmichael, the Department of Economic Development Secretary, says, “It’s a great time for these resource recovery and mixed waste processing facilities to expand across West Virginia. More facilities will lead to less trash in our landfills, more jobs for our citizens, and increased recycling rates in our communities.” He goes on to say that “West Virginia is proving that we want to be at the forefront of technology and working with companies to create a cleaner future.” These are encouraging words for moving into an innovation-friendly future for West Virginia. 

SB 368 is one signal that economic opportunity is here. With the opportunity associated with West Virginia’s energy and waste management industry expanding across our state. Start-ups are now presented with open doors into the industry, and ways to service the larger companies already choosing to invest in West Virginia’s economy. Small business is vital to supporting growth in all economic sectors, including energy and waste. You may have an idea for a business that would be able to benefit from these developments, but maybe you aren’t sure where to even start. 3 Steps To Startup is here to support you with your entrepreneurial endeavors. Get in touch with us here and let us help you take advantage of the opportunities coming to West Virginia. 

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